Danielle Jamie

15, Singapore

Fear is just a feeling. Fear can never kill.

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I like to eat shit and my balls damn big

my new undercut.

my new undercut.

i don’t even know why i’m blogging.

okay i feel like i have so many things to say. but i have no idea what to type. what the fuck. i guess i’m really feeling the pressure now. why is it that the people that are so wrong for me attracts me the most and the people that care and love me for who i am don’t? how fucked up is that. i’m gonna be moving. moving from the house i’ve grown up in. 15 whole years. this only adds up to the sadness i’m already feeling. i think i’ve changed. maybe my friend’s don’t realize but i do. i’ve started doing stuff i shouldn’t be doing. i’m taking myself down the wrong path and i’m not giving a damn. i don’t know what i’ll do without my friends. and when i say friends, i mean those close to me. those that actually understand what i’m going through. those that actually care. or at least i think they do? i get pissed with almost everything now. and no, it’s not because i’m on my period. everything just pisses me off, especially my family. maybe it’s cause i’m tired. tired of being stepped over. i be nice to people, and people take me for granted. sometimes i really wonder, why do i feel like this? what happened to the old me, the one that didn’t care at all. didn’t care what anyone thought of me. maybe this is just part of growing up. i hope. i hope i don’t stay like this for long.